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Best acne treatment

Best Acne Treatment

Acne is one of the skin problems that are experienced by almost everyone who enters our lives together with adolescence.
Whether it’s a woman or a man, it’s a common problem in both sexes.
To eliminate acne, you first need to know the Natural Methods.

The main goal of acne treatment is to choose the Natural Methods away from chemicals.
However, in some cases we may need to use the best acne creams to eliminate pimples.

We have researched the accepted best and most effective acne creams for you.

Before using acne cream, you should always show your skin problems to a dermatologist.
it is possible to achieve successful results to get rid of pimples with an effective acne cream.
However, acne creams can cause allergic problems in some skin types.
In such a case, you should stop using the cream.

In addition, acne medication or acne pills must be used by having knowledge.


Acne is more common in individuals with oily skin structure.
Benzamycin cream fights acne and inflammations.
On average, it should be used regularly for 3 months.
Before going to bed in the evening, apply to the region of acne.In a total of 153 patients,
there was a total of 4 side effects in the tests
These side effects are excessive dryness of the skin.
It should not be used in areas around the eyes and sensitive areas, and should not be
contacted as it will cause bleaching on clothing.

Fucidin antibiotic

It is very effective for the elimination of the acne and acne scars that emerge after fucidine, hair removal or waxing.
Doktorunuzun söylediği şekilde günde en fazla 2 defa kullanılması yeterlidir.
It is also one of the effective creams for drying inflamed acne and acne.

Imex Sebum Cream

Almost all of the people who use IMEX acne cream have said that this cream has a great effect on pimples.
Antibiotic properties are prominent.If you have light skin color, you can use this product as a foundation.
But excessive use may cause skin allergies.Imex cream should be applied to the acne area before going to bed
in the evening.You can easily use it in the treatment of pimples, skin spots, blisters, black spots in the face area.

Cleocin T

You should not be exposed to sunlight with an Cleocin T applied skin.Cleocin T solution is very successful in the
treatment of acne and acne in the early period of puberty.
You should consult your doctor before using this cream, which may produce allergic reactions in some people.
It should not be applied to around of the eyes, sensitive skin and open wounds.

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