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How do we select creams for our skin?

How do we select creams for our skin?

Our skin is delicate, can be irritated and crack quickly.
Our hands, arms, legs, lips, or even nails may face skin problems due to weather changes, working environment, or psychological reasons.
This is why we should always take good care of our skin which can be sensitive and quickly irritated.

there is no need to consult a doctor.

Skin problems do not need to consult a doctor when they do not grow to an advanced level.
Before applying to the doctor, we can apply self-care to our slightly cracked hands, face or lips at home, or take a few steps on the way to healing using creams that are good for the skin.
In such cases, we must first recognize our skin and the structure of our skin very well.
However, some products we use to improve our skin can cause serious problems as a result of improper application.
For example, if we have oily skin structure, we should prefer creams that do not have much moisturizing effect.
Otherwise, if we apply a cream with a high moisture content to our skin which is already oily, it is normal to have pimples in the skin structure.
before using any cosmetic cream or herbal product,
we can understand the structure of the skin with specially designed skin tests.

We can tell you how these tests are performed;

We can learn the structure of our skin with the help of a dermatologist. If we want to learn the structure of the skin with the help of a dermatologist, we can prop parts of our face in a machine and by examining the skin structure with the photo taken by a dermatologist, we can learn the category of skin type.

If you don’t want to go to the dermatologist,

you can do it yourself at home by buying this test from the pharmacy.If you’re going to take this test yourself,
you shouldn’t have a foreign substance on your face. (makeup, cream, tonic, etc.)
You can open one small paper from the middle part of the tests you have purchased and put one on your chin, one on the
nose and one on your forehead. The time is not too long. (1 min or 2 min)
We then look at the shapes that appear on the papers and compare them with the analysis paper in the purchased test.
There are mixed, oily and dry skin types at this paper.
This way we can learn the structure of our skin.

We can learn what treatments, creams or plants are beneficial for our skin by this tests and apply them accordingly. For Dry Skin, Oily Skin or mixed skin, there are types of cream created in individual categories. It is possible to im prove our skin by applying any of these. It is important to research both soap and all other products before they are used.

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