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How to choose cosmetics according to skin type?

How to choose cosmetics according to skin type?

The first step in choosing Cosmetics is to learn about your skin type and choose a suitable product. It is the dream of all women to have radiant , nervous, glowing skin. To have such a skin from cosmetics to surgical interventions today, many options are offered. In particular , cosmetics are attractive to both their effortless use and their ambitious presentations, and many women do not hesitate to spend money on expensive cosmetics.
Although expensive cosmetics, in light of the latest research in this area, are produced as a result of long studies using the best active ingredients , it is not possible to achieve the desired result when a product that is not suitable for the skin type is selected even unwanted results can be encountered. So the first step in choosing cosmetics
should be to learn about your skin type and choose a suitable product.

Normal skin type :

Normal skin; transparent looking, moisture and oil ratio balanced, pores closed and smooth skin type.
That is the most seamless type of skin.

Suitable products: cream or milk-type makeup cleansers, soapsfree foam
gel cleansers, alcohol ratio is normal tonic (5-7.5 percent) mild moisturizers and 1-2 times a week can be preferred
peeling cream. After 30 years of age, 1-2 days a week from the application of nourishing night cream, eye circumference
cream and masks in the 40’s containing plenty of vitamins and nutritious ingredients should be added to the anti-aging
serum and creams.

Dry skin type :

The appearance is dull, the secretion of fat is below normal and the moisture content is very low And can be found
at the both white and dark skin types . Pores are small and closed.

Suitable products: Cream or milk-type cleanser, soft tonic, intensive moisturizer, intensive fat-containing nutritious
night cream, moisture and fat storage masks, eye circumference and neck creams, peeling cream, serum and light bulbs
should be added as the age progresses.

Care recommendations for this skin type can be listed as follows:

* Use moisturizer that does not dry your skin.

* Stay away from harsh cleaners and antibacterial soaps, as it will cause drying, scaling and dandruff.
* Do not prefer alcoholic tonic because it will dry your skin.
* In summer, light oil, winter and autumn dense and use a higher oil content moisturizer.

This type of skin , especially the sun and wind from the late 20s are affected very quickly and tend to break down quickly.
Therefore, the use of sunscreen after the summer-winter care products should not be neglected.

Mixed skin type :

T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) oily, cheeks and eye environment is more normal and dry. Sometimes there may be
dryness. Pores in oily portions can be seen, blackheads and acne can be seen. In other regions the pores are closed.

Suitable products:Milk and gel type cleanser, alcohol ratio is low tonic (3-5 percent), moisturizer, cleanser,
firming masks, peeling cream, night cream and eye cream should be added according to the skin’s needs from the 30’s ages.
Mixed skin is very affected by climates.In the summer, the oily regions are further oiled, causing acne problems.
During the winter months, the cheeks are very dry, stretching, redness and itching occur.

Care recommendations for this skin type can be listed as follows:

* Choose cosmetics according to seasons. In autumn and winter, apply more moisturizers to your cheeks.
* Use the dryer product with acne and oily regions.
* Take the cleaner and clean the nose. Just drive the tonic to the T-zone. After applying moisturizer to the cheeks,
apply the remaining part very little to the T-zone.

Sensitive skin type :

The skin is thin enough to show the veins. It is a type of skin that is red, itchy, wavy and burning.
Reacts immediately to bad conditions. It usually has an allergic structure. They are dehydrated and very stretched.

Suitable products:Milk-style cleansers, soft tonic and sensitive care creams. People with this skin type should
use it before buying a new cosmetic product, if they do not experience any reaction after trying it for up to 3 days
in an area such as the back of the ear or the inner part of the elbow.

Oily skin type :

Its appearance is bright and greasy. It is a type of skin that is full and light in the pores, black dotted, acne prone.
Problem-free Oily Skin: the skin is bright, the humidity is normal, pores are open and the inside are usually blackheads.

Suitable products: Gel type cleanser, alcoholic tonic, very light moisturizer, cleanser – firming masks and peeling cream.

Oily and Sensitive skin type :

Although the skin is oily, it is moistureless. Large pores may be empty. The skin is slightly red due to sensitivity.

Suitable products:Milk-type cleanser, soft tonic, very light moisturizer, sensitivity-relieving creams, pomades,
sensitivity-relieving and oil-balancing masks. This type of skin tends to loose and sagging as the age progresses,
rather than wrinkle.For this reason, those with oily skin should opt for compressive – recovery care products
from the age of 30.

Spotty and oily skin type :

Oily skin is a glowing skin because it is above normal. Acne and blackheads are intense.
The pores are enlarged, they’re full. Moisture is normal.

Suitable products: Acne is a common skin condition. In addition to medical treatment, products that can be given
daily care are soap or gel-type cleanser, high-tonic alcohol, very light moisturizer, cleanser and firming masks.

Mature skin type :

it is a type of skin that occurs as a result of the slowing down of the cell’s life rhythm.
Especially after menopause, due to the lack of estrogen hormone, the skin becomes moistureless,
oil glands in the secretion of over 50 percent reduction occurs. Thinning of the skin, sagging,
deep lines and skin spots occur, capillaries appear on the surface, ground fat lumps develop, pores expand.
Especially the cures applied from the age of 35 are important for the beauty of the skin.

Suitable products: Milk or cream type cleanser, soft tonic, intensive moisturizer, nourishing, cell regenerative
care cream, oil and moisture storage cell regenerating masks, serum, bulbs and peeling creams. Today,
highly effective anti aging programs are applied under the supervision of dermatologists and when the correct
medical cosmetic products are used under the supervision of Dermatologists, the results of facial creasing are obtained.

Yes, as you can see, every skin type has its own set of tricks in its care. When we pay attention to these,
it will not be a surprise to be satisfied with the results.

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