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How To Use Makeup Remover?

  How To Use Makeup Remover?

Make-up cleansers are the ideal use materials for a healthy and clean face.
After the makeup, it is used for deep cleansing of the remaining makeup remains on the surface of the skin.
You know, just water isn’t enough for makeup removal.
Existing soaps or shampoos may also cause skin irritation, redness, or pimples.
This is why the use of makeup cleansers will provide a healthy skin while removing the makeup residue on the face completely.

Makeup cleansers can be gel, cream or spray.

in any case, usually the way it is applied starts by contacting the soaked face.
Applying these cleansers directly to the dry face will spread the existing makeup to the face and will not reach the desired result.
For this reason, before the face should be moistened and wet.
However, it is useful to look at the user manual on how to apply the makeup remover.
make-up remover is applied to the entire face and neck area with soft circular movements.
If possible, gently massage to skin with fingers.

This helps to keep the skin Younger By increasing blood circulation while cleansing the skin.
start the makeup removal process from the center of your face.

From the nose region to the forehead with circular movements until the beginning of the hair is driven. this process should be avoided from the eye circumference.
Make-up cleansers for the eye are sold separately as is known.
Because the eye circumference is a sensitive area, the existing makeup cleansers used for the face will damage this area.
For the cleaning of makeup in the eyes, eye makeup cleansers are applied slowly with the help of a cotton.

It is recommended that the cleaning be done carefully.
It is preferable to wipe the eyes gently with soft movements rather than pulling.
you can also use eye makeup remover around the lips.
it is necessary to apply this area with circular motions for a completely clean skin.
After all these procedures, the face should be washed and rinsed with warm water.
Then, tonic and moisturizing application is made and deep clean and healthy skin is obtained.

It is recommended to use products according to skin type in the selection of makeup remover.
For oily skin, it is recommended to use makeup cleansers with oil balance and skin firming properties; for dry skin, milk-based cleansers should be used especially with high moisturizing properties.

After the oily skin type makeup has been cleaned, the face should be thoroughly rinsed with water and washed with very cold water to tighten the pores.
Dry skin is recommended not to come into contact with too much water.

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