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What are the factors that cause skin to age earlier ?

Aging is a natural process and there’s no way to stop it. In addition, due to some factors, this process can accelerate even more.

What are the factors that cause skin to age earlier?

Harmful effects of sunlight

The most important environmental factor in aging skin is sun rays.in the summer months too much and especially at noon, exposure
to sunlight is very risky for both skin health and skin beauty.
The sun’S UVA and UVB rays can cause dry skin, wrinkle, permanent brown spots, ton differences, blistering red spots and, most importantly, skin cancer.

What should we do ?

Not only during the summer, we constantly need to use sunscreen to protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun. it is appropriate to use products
with SPF value of 50 in summer months and products with SPF value of 15-30 in winter months.you should also choose the ones that have sunscreen properties
from the cosmetic products you use.


Even if we do not smoke, our skin can get too much damage due to smoking smoke around it. Nicotine causes wrinkled skin by reducing the amount of water
in the upper layer of the skin. It also accelerates premature aging because it causes fragmentation of collagen in the connective tissue of the skin.

What should we do ?

Smoking is harmful to our entire body and you should get help if necessary to quit and non-smokers should avoid smoking environments.
However, people who need to be in these environments can try to reduce the damage by using antioxidant creams.

Unnecessary facial expressions

Mimics are small movements of facial muscles that make it easier for us to describe our feelings and thoughts.excessive use of these small muscles
can lead to unwanted wrinkles.

What should we do ?

Avoid unnecessary facial expressions. If you are prone to mimic wrinkles, you could have Botox, it is useful to

Not drinking enough water

Drinking water is very beneficial to general health as well as skin health. our skin is already drying enough due to the sun, wind, air conditioning, dirty air and
other environmental factors. If we don’t drink enough water, it will increase the dryness.

What should we do ?

We should definitely not neglect to drink 2.5 liters of water every day.

Malnutrition and wrong diet

Improper diet can cause premature aging of the skin. for example, when you consume too much sugar, the structure of collagen and elastin proteins,
the most important structures of the skin, may be damaged.These structures provide elasticity and firmness of the skin. So sagging and wrinkling may occur.

What should we do ?

Avoid salt and sugar, eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Espacially eat fruits and vegetables that contain Vitamin A, C and E.
For example; Pomegranate, Carrot, Orange, Kiwi and Dried Fruits.

Using products that are not suitable for skin

There are many useful products that prevent premature aging of the skin. However, these products must be applied to the skin type correctly.when the right
products are applied to the wrong skin, you will see more harm than good. Other than these, using poor quality products damage your skin.

What should we do ?

Take care to use medical cosmetics products, because these products contain less chemicals and perfumes.also make sure that the products you use do not deteriorate
in the package and that the date does not exceed the expiration date.

Sleeping, without cleaning to makeup

When you’re asleep, a clean skin will regenerate itself. Sleeping without cleaning makeup prevents this renewal, this can cause dry skin and acne.

What should we do ?

Make sure to clean your face before going to bed with a cleanser suitable for your skin. Washing it with water is better than never cleaning it.

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